What to Bring for an ACT Hiking Tour

While your ACT guide will provide most of the gear you will need to have a safe and happy time on the trail, there are a few things that you will want to bring with you on the day of your tour.

Use this list to help you make sure that you pack everything you need for your tour.

Clothing and Footwear


Colorado's winter months (December- February) tend to range anywhere from 7-30 degrees Fahrenheit! It is best to bundle up and keep warm so that you can spend as much time exploring, playing in the snow, and sledding.

  • Warm layers - wool, fleece and down insulating layers work best
  • Insulated jacket
  • Raincoat, windbreaker, or water resistant shell
  • Ski/snow pants or bib
  • Warm hat that covers your ears
  • Warm gloves or mittens (e.g. ski gloves)
  • Hiking socks or ski socks (wool socks are best)
  • Hiking boots or sturdy shoes - ideally, your shoes should be waterproof or water resistant

Spring & Fall

Our in-between seasons have the most range in temperatures. The snow and ice starts to melt in March through May and temperatures range from 13-50 degrees. In the fall (September- November), the average highs are about 35-55 degrees with lows ranging from 13-33 degrees. Check the weather a few weeks before your tour to see what the weather will be like when you visit. Colorado weather is very unpredictable, especially at higher elevations so it is best to prepare for the cold and layer up.

  • Base layer- a water resistant tank top or t-shirt works best
  • a warmer layer- a fleece long sleeve or sweatshirt
  • Raincoat, windbreaker, or water resistant shell
  • Water resistant pants
  • A beanie or warm pants
  • Hiking socks (wool socks are best)
  • Hiking boots


Our warmest months are in June through July! Temperatures still tend to fluctuate but all of the ice is usually melted off of the trails by this time.

  • Base layer- a tank-top or t-shirt
  • Raincoat, windbreaker, or water resistant shell
  • Comfortable hiking pants
  • Hiking socks (wool socks are best)
  • Hiking boots or sneakers
  • A swimsuit (optional, but if your hike is near water it may be hard to resist taking a dip)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat or baseball hat

year- round:

Sun Protection

  • Sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher)
  • Sunglasses or ski goggles (we will provide extra if needed)
  • Sun hat or baseball hat (optional)
  • Chapstick or lip balm (one with SPF protection recommended)

Food and Hydration

  • Water bottle with water (we will provide extra water if you need it)
  • Your preferred snacks (we provide extra energy bars if you need them)

Personal Items

  • Credit card and cash
  • ID
  • Cellphone

Optional Extras

  • Portable battery to charge your phone
  • Camera (we will be taking professional grade photos throughout your tour)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Handwarmer and/or footwarmer packets
  • Prescription medications (if needed)