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Does anybody else feel like Christmas snuck up on them this year? Us too. We’ve compiled a gift guide (that all should arrive before Santa does) for all of the outdoorsy adventurers in your life. 

However, this gift guide isn’t just limited to the Holidays, whether you are shopping for Christmas, birthdays, yourself, or anniversaries, this gift guide has you covered. We are definitely going to snag a few items on this list for ourselves this year. 

                            Beanie with Rechargeable LED Light

For the early sunrise hikers, sunset chasers, and cave dwellers, keep them warm and safe with this beanie containing a rechargeable LED light in the brim. The removable light makes it a multifunctional accessory that can be worn day or night. 

                                         Camping Multi-Tool

A definite must-have for any avid camper. This little gadget has 14 different tools inside of it including a hammer, pliers, an axe, a saw, knife blade, hex wrenches, a Philips head screwdriver, bottle opener, a file, a fish descaler, and more so you can be sure that your loved one stays safe on the trail. 


                                          Electric Handwarmer 

We have this item in our shopping cart right now. Perfect for anyone who gets cold easily or spends their time outdoors, this electric hand warmer can be recharged and lasts for about 4-8 hours each charge. 

                                            Solar Panel Charger 

We seriously bring this Solar Panel Charger with us on every camping trip. We are blessed here in Colorado with over 300 days of sunshine, so our electronics are always charged and ready for a full day of adventures, even when we are off the grid. 

                                 One or Two Person Hammock

This is the perfect gift for anyone who doesn’t already have a hammock. This portable hammock creates a place to relax anywhere that has trees. We always bring ours to park hangouts, fishing trips, camping trips, and longer days out in nature. 

                                                   Enamel Mugs

For coffee enthusiast (or whiskey lovers), these enamel mugs are super durable and come in cute prints. Imagine sitting by the campfire with these in hand! 

                                       Water Filtration System

For backpackers or world travelers, a water filtration system is a must-have for staying safe and accessing clean water. My sister and I used this when we traveled to Africa and it was a lifesaver. According to their website this filtration system removes 99.999% of all bacteria and protozoa and 100% of all microplastic. 

                                            Doggy Waterbottle 

A perfect Christmas gift for furry friends! Keep your dog hydrated on the trail when they adventure with you. Somebody brought this on one of our camping trips and it was seriously so convenient! 


Your climber friends would love this training hangboard from Metolius. They can work on their pulls and grip strength from the comfort of their own homes! 

                                                   Hiking Socks 

As an adult, who doesn’t like getting socks for Christmas?! These are my absolute favorite wool hiking socks and I wear them every day, highly recommend them to anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors in variable conditions. 

                                                          A Buff 

A buff is the most versatile and necessary item to keep on you if you are doing anything outdoors. They can be worn around your neck, as a headband, or around your face to protect you from harsh wind and/or sun. We like the thermonet line from buff, plus it comes in a bunch of different colors and patterns! 

                                          Pack of Carabiners 

Seriously, we never leave the house without a couple of carabiners. They can be used to attach anything to your backpack that you need quick access to like a water bottle or go pro pole. These ones are not suitable for climbing, but ones specifically designed for it would be a great gift for climbers. 

                               Waterproof Camera Backpack 

This is the backpack that you will see most of our guides wearing during tours. They withstand rain, snow, and mud and have super convenient adjustable compartments. We are able to keep our camera, an extra lens, polaroid, oxygen, first aid kits, laptops, and chargers in here with ease. This is an awesome gift for outdoor photography enthusiasts. 

                                                 Emergency Kit 

This is a great gift for people to keep in their cars; you never know when you may need it. This 151 pc kit comes with survival tools (think folding knife, compass, flashlight, emergency tent, etc), first aid kit, and fishing tools. 

                                               Trekking Poles 

For long-distance hikers, trekking poles are a perfect tool to help their knees out. These ones are designed for hiking, camping, and backpacking and can be disassembled to fit into a suitcase for travelers. 

                                             Floating Dry Bag

A dry bag is a must-have item for any water sports! Keep all of your belongings safe and dry while kayaking down the river. Plus if you fall, this one floats for easy retrieval. This model comes in different sizes. 

                                    Smartwool Base Layer

This is probably one of my favorite Christmas gifts that I have ever received. this is the perfect gift for men or women who live in a cold climate (or just get cold easily). Its a great base to wear for outdoor sports like hiking, biking, or skiing. 


If your loved one spends time hiking or backpacking in snow or ice, these crampons are a game-changer. They can fit into a backpack and can easily slip on and off to make winter hikes a breeze. 

                                                      Liquid I.V.

This is seriously a lifesaver for a long day of hiking (or a long night of partying). Liquid I.V. would be a great stocking stuffer for anybody, it has less sugar than Gatorade and contains electrolytes and 5 essential vitamins.

                                        FujiFilm Instax Polaroid 

Who doesn’t love polaroid photos? We love to bring this camera on every outdoor excursion and give our friends polaroids to take home with them. There is no need to charge this camera (it uses batteries) and its small enough to take on hiking and camping trips. 

                        Jetboil Stash Backpacking Stove

For avid backpackers, this Jetboil stove is sure to be on their Christmas list if they don’t have it already! It packs up into a small case and is light enough to throw into your backpack. Coffee, tea, soups, and dehydrated meals become a breeze once you have this little gadget in your back pocket. 

                                 Survival Paracord Bracelet 

This stocking stuffer contains a bunch of survival tools that can be worn around your wrist! Complete with a compass, fire starter, emergency whistle, and 12 feet of paracord, its the perfect gift to keep your outdoor adventurer safe. 

                                         National Parks Book 

Inspire someone’s next trip by gifting them this book by National Geographic that outlines 5,000 things to do in 100 National Parks. The photography in here is beautiful and inspiring and is sure to spark the adventurous spirit in anyone. 

                   National Parks Bucket List Journal 

This is a perfect gift to couple with the book listed above. This Journal contains 63 National Parks and 2 pages dedicated to each so your traveler can record memories, collect passport stamps, and attach polaroids to the pages. 

                 Approach Shoes (or Comfy Outdoor Shoes)

We have had our eyes on these shoes for a while. These shoes are perfect for wearing in between climbs or just out running errands. If there is an outdoorsy couple that you need to get a gift for, they have a men’s and women’s version of these comfy Tevas.

                                                  REI giftcard 

Have a picky friend? Snag them an REI giftcard! Adventurers will feel like a kid in a candy store when they set foot inside of an REI! If you are in the Denver area, their flagship store located Downtown is massive. 

                                 Gift them a tour with us!

We had to include ourselves! Buy your loved ones a tour with us at Adventure Colorado Tours. We offer different day trips out of Denver including a hike to up to a glacier, geology and history focused tours that take you through a goldmine, and private tours that can take you anywhere in Colorado. You can purchase them an online gift card so that they can pick the perfect tour. 

Breanne Ward