Tyler DeVries
Tyler DeVries was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado. He graduated with a bachelors in Psychology and minors in Communication and Business. He studied abroad through a program called Semester at Sea in the Fall of 2017 where he circumnavigated the world by ship. This experience was invaluable and made him develop a love for humanity, cultures, and commitment to share the global perspective and create a community of inclusivity.
Bree Ward
Bree Ward grew up exploring the coastlines of Southern California and spent much of her time surfing, free diving the kelp forests, camping and exploring the western Sierras. Bree has a passion for exploration and travel, and yearns to discover new cultures, exciting challenges, different foods and unique experiences. She prides herself in pushing her boundaries and draws experience from her time spent traveling in the Caribbean, France, Spain, Mexico and Africa where she volunteered for lion conservation, experienced crocodile cage diving, bungee jumping off of Victoria Falls, and helped teach local children.
Meredith Fontana
Meredith Fontana is a former paleontologist turned naturalist guide, landscape photographer and outdoor educator. Originally from Houston, Texas, she moved to Denver after receiving her MS Degree in Evolutionary Biology from the George Washington University. Meredith has been part of paleontological field expeditions all over the American Southwest, and has discovered many exciting dinosaurs, reptiles, and other fascinating critters that lived millions of years ago.
Tristan Joseph
Tristan Joseph was born in Southwest Florida, soaking up sunshine and a desire to explore the world. He left Florida for a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology and a minor in Classical Civilization at the University of California - Los Angeles. After dabbling in research after graduation, he boarded a one way flight to Thailand and never looked back. There he traversed jungle and a vastly different rural culture.  
Brian McCauley
Brian McCauley was born and raised in Southern California where he learned to surf, mountain bike, hike, snowboard and scuba dive. Out of college he became a teacher and lecturer in history, economics and biology. Brian broadened his horizons by travel which led him to teach in Africa, backpack extensively in Europe, touring in various places like Costa Rica, Israel, and Brazil. He loves to meet and learn about new cultures, which he uses to shape his life and hopefully others.