Camp ACT

Guided Camping Experience

Leaving from Denver, Colorado

Trip Highlights

2 experiences
2 workshops
Live music
Prizes + giveaways
Scavenger hunt


CAMP ACT allows tourists to camp like locals. Camp ACT is a guided camping experience out of Denver, Colorado. Guests will camp in the Rocky Mountains, experience serene landscapes, adventures, talks, games, and immersive experiences in one collaborative gathering.

We believe all visitors should experience Colorado authentically. We believe in human connection and sharing the Colorado wilderness through local eyes while preserving, experiencing, and learning about its beauty.CAMP ACT offers an Intimate camping experience in Colorado that allows you to adventure like a local the way you want with  main goals: 1)increase well-being 2)learn about nature. 3)protect our environment CAMP ACT is designed to bring people together from all around the globe to one remote place in Colorado to create the camping experience of the lifetime. Each moment is curated with the guest in mind. This guided Colorado camping trip will create memories that last a lifetime. Are you ready to reimagine what it means to camp in Colorado?

key details

Tour Duration

3 days / 3 nights



Group Size

10-20 Guests


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